The Steakhouse is open and pigs are racing! We are requiring reservations for both dining in the steakhouse AND attending the pig races. You can do one or the other or both. When you are in the dining room you will remain at your table for your meal and when you are seated at your table around the race track you will remain at that table during the races. We have servers outside that will come to you to take drink orders and another person coming to the tables to take bets. We ask that there be no in and out movement from the dining room to the race track and vice versa. Thank you for everyone's support!
For Reservations Please Call 406-446-3481
Winter Hours
Dec 12 Thru March
Fri, Sat and Sun
Steakhouse open 5 pm

Summer Hours
June 4th thru Labor Day
Pig Races and Steakhouse Thurs thru Sunday
Bear Creek Menu